How to have the conversation

Just seen a mate catcall a woman? Not leave her alone when she’s said no? Insult her when she’s turned him down?

When a mate’s behaviour towards women crosses the line, you know it’s wrong.

If you notice a mate doing something that isn’t right, there’s things you can do. By acting, you can make Leicestershire a safer place for women.

Start by having a conversation.

Conversation Starters

  • Be Direct

    If it’s safe to do so, call out your mate’s behaviour. Tell him it’s not on, it’s not ok. This could be during or after the situation – speak to them the next day if it was out of order.

  • Get Help

    You can speak to your other friends about that mate’s negative behaviour. There’s power in numbers. Work together to act: whether it’s telling him it’s not ok, or taking him away from the situation. Remember, in an emergency situation, always call 999.

  • Distract

    When a mate’s behaviour is wrong, do something to change the situation and get him away from the woman. You might be able to stop it before it starts. This could be changing the conversation or suggesting doing something else. Take him away and speak to him about why his behaviour wasn’t ok.


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